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Welcome to the original UMA website, the very first and the only website founded by Pink Mafias himself! I am Compwiz5000 and I am the sole author on this site and have been for quite some time. Let us take a visit into the past and explore the history behind this website, Club Penguin, and the legendary Pink Mafias himself.


This website has been idle for well over a decade. Club Penguin itself has even been officially cancelled for a few years already. All of this was merely just a part of my childhood memory. That is, until recently; after accepting a request from Superhero123 and Coolster114 to conduct an interview. I was shocked to find that even after the game was officially closed in 2017 that the community still exists, and arguably is thriving.

Please go HERE to read that interview: https://cparmyhq.com/2021/02/10/compwiz-interview

After that interview I pondered the fate of this website and decided that, rather than having it sit idly, it could be transformed into something with a purpose and inherent significance. Throughout the years I have kept this website and have adamantly refused to delete it or to give it away, mostly for nostalgic reasons, but now it could have a practical reason as well!

Historical archives and biographies of famous players already exist. Records of old battles can be found on various websites. The objective here is not to recreate such a library that but rather to provide some prospective on how things were back then and perhaps to provide some “behind-the-scenes” information, as well as clarification.


Pink Mafias and I first met in pre-school and became instant best friends. Throughout our childhood we have played various games together including Runescape and World of Warcraft but also, Club Penguin. For those that started the game later on in its course, we used to play Club Penguin through a game-hosting website known as Miniclip, in what is commonly known as the “Golden Era” or “Pre-Disney Era” or anytime prior to 2007/08.

At that time the game was a lot different. It was in its infancy and there was no true on-board development team or a whole corporate office managing the game. That point in history was also a lot different, generally speaking, from a technological perspective; the MMORPG genre of games were still evolving, and YouTube was in its infancy. These are important things to remember to keep everything in context. Pink Mafias originally became famous for his ability to hack into the game both via the abuse of in-game bugs and the use of third-party software with the primary focus to implant gold onto his account. These hacks were recorded and uploaded onto YouTube.

Later came the creation of the Underground Mafias Army named after the legend Pink Mafias himself. Pink Mafias had founded the army and brought along our in-real-life friend Jtrotter as well as myself to turn this idea into reality. At the time we had no idea that our undertakings would turn into one of the biggest and most influential endeavors in all of Club Penguin history.

With a new-found army came the need for a website to maintain organization and communications. Hence pinkmafias.wordpress.com was created. WordPress was chosen at the time due to its popularity, relevance, ease of use, and the fact that is was free. I was running my own website at the time, compwiz5000.wordpress.com as well.

While this website was meant to be the central army page for chatting, updates, and organization; mine was devoted more-so into content such as “How to Maximize Gold in Cart Surfer” and “The Secret Items of the Catalog” and other such legitimate game tips. As we grew in popularity the logistical challenges of running two separate sites became too much to handle and we consolidated. I deleted my website and came onto this site and took a more active role in the army while also bringing in my content here as well for those who just played the game but did not have any affiliation with an army.

At the prime its time this website was not only the official Underground Mafia Army website but also a place for all Club Penguin players to visit for the latest news, gameplay advise, videos, and helpful tips. We achieved many accomplishments with this website that even by todays standards are quite amazing. With over 1.3 million total views and over 230,000 hits in a single month this websites popularity rivals that of even current-day popular game streamers! It still is remarkable to think about the fact that we were grade-school children during all of this time.

Our dedication was unparalleled and that is why our army was unmatched. We would wake up super early before school to get up to speed on the latest news and updates. We constantly were recording videos to upload onto YouTube. Writing posts on the website and staying active in chats to maintain organization for the army was an ever present obligation as well as being active online in the actual game. To be honest it was all quite fun. This is pretty much the height of our experience with the game and the website.

After a while though, naturally, our interest in the game began to fade. We were growing up and our lives were changing. We were also playing different games and eventually we left Club Penguin. Throughout the years we did return every so often mostly for nostalgic reasons but never stayed too long. That is when I decided to put this website into idle without actually deleting it. Since I was the only one with access to the site I could use this, or my in-game character, as proof to verify who I was whenever I would pop in.


The reason why this website now sits blank is due to a decision we made after we truly left the game for good. Pink and I both agreed that we would not give away the site but had different ideas of what to actually do with it. Originally Pink wanted to delete it but I convinced him that is was a piece of our childhood and that would be a shame so instead we decided to “wipe” it of all its contents. Of course now I deeply regret that decision especially after all the countless hours of dedication put into the site we were only children at the time and did not have the appropriate forethought to think that we may want to look at this sort of stuff later.

That is why I agreed to the interview and I am also greatly humbled of the time various people put into archiving the various historical events of a game which may not still exist but is a part of all of our childhoods. Although various claims of legends returning may arise from time to time the sad truth is that most of them are imposters and that is why I decided to use this website as an advantage as anyone who has been around long enough knows that only one person may access this website. It is unfortunate that other famous players may not have access to such tools.

I appreciate you all taking the time to read this and make sure to check out the interview as well. I wish you all the best in any and all of your endeavors. Take care!


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Hello, my name is CompWiz5000 and I once ran this website with my close buddy Pink Mafias. This website as you can tell is idle and is not in use. It used to be the official UMA Website as Pink Mafias and myself created the UMA together originally before quitting Club Penguin. Every now and again I come back to check on things or am called back by an old friend just to see how things are and to stop any fake Pinks or Comps out there.

Just for a quick reference, neither Pink mafias nor myself will EVER return to Club Penguin or armies. WE WILL NEVER RETURN! We’ve just outgrown them, as you will too one day, it’s just part of life and it’s normal. So if anybody ever pretends to be Pink Mafias or CompWiz you know automatically that it is a lie. This website is the ultimate truth to all disputes because I am the SINGLE AND ONLY person who can do anything. There are no editors or publishers or anything, just me and only me, and this website was the official and original UMA website so there is no way to dispute this.

If you ever see me on a chat I will always come to this website and make a page to prove myself. Always remember and please come back to this website to at least check for updates. Most of the time there will not be any though and that is good.

I am making this post just to have the website be in a cleaner state and to just keep a general informational post up and running.

So you may be wondering how to tell if somebody is faking whether they are the real Pinkmafias or CompWiz5000 or not. Well, if anybody EVER comes and pretends to be Pink Mafias or CompWiz5000 ALWAYS ask them to come to https://pinkmafias.wordpress.com and make a post to prove it. As the REAL CompWiz is the ONLY one with access to this website and I have NO problem making a quick post for proof. 

Also, I have a penguin in Club Penguin and the name is CompWiz5000. So not only can I make a post on this website, I can also log into the Club Penguin game at ANY time and give proof that way. So you have two ways to find fakes, ask them to post here AND ask them to log onto Club penguin.

Here is a picture of the REAL me in Club Penguin.

Please CLICK on the picture to enlarge.

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