Hello, my name is CompWiz5000 and I once ran this website with my close buddy Pink Mafias. This website as you can tell is idle and is not in use. It used to be the official UMA Website as Pink Mafias and myself created the UMA together originally before quitting Club Penguin. Every now and again I come back to check on things or am called back by an old friend just to see how things are and to stop any fake Pinks or Comps out there.

Just for a quick reference, neither Pink mafias nor myself will EVER return to Club Penguin or armies. WE WILL NEVER RETURN! We’ve just outgrown them, as you will too one day, it’s just part of life and it’s normal. So if anybody ever pretends to be Pink Mafias or CompWiz you know automatically that it is a lie. This website is the ultimate truth to all disputes because I am the SINGLE AND ONLY person who can do anything. There are no editors or publishers or anything, just me and only me, and this website was the official and original UMA website so there is no way to dispute this.

If you ever see me on a chat I will always come to this website and make a page to prove myself. Always remember and please come back to this website to at least check for updates. Most of the time there will not be any though and that is good.

I am making this post just to have the website be in a cleaner state and to just keep a general informational post up and running.

So you may be wondering how to tell if somebody is faking whether they are the real Pinkmafias or CompWiz5000 or not. Well, if anybody EVER comes and pretends to be Pink Mafias or CompWiz5000 ALWAYS ask them to come to https://pinkmafias.wordpress.com and make a post to prove it. As the REAL CompWiz is the ONLY one with access to this website and I have NO problem making a quick post for proof. 

Also, I have a penguin in Club Penguin and the name is CompWiz5000. So not only can I make a post on this website, I can also log into the Club Penguin game at ANY time and give proof that way. So you have two ways to find fakes, ask them to post here AND ask them to log onto Club penguin.

Here is a picture of the REAL me in Club Penguin.

Please CLICK on the picture to enlarge.

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